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Fisherwoman #0001

€60.00 EUR

The Kulab daughters are teenagers. Madeleine is sixteen and her younger sister Reem thirteen. With their fourteen year old brother Khayed they head out to fish along the coast of Gaza every morning. Their story is not one of a teenage rebellion against social and traditional norms but an expression of resistance against the Israeli illegal economic blockade. With their father Mohammed’s, their lives form only one of over 3,500 stories of fishermen in Gaza, who struggle the polluted sea, the fish-empty bay waters, the illegally confiscated or damaged boats and impoverishment, all forced upon them by the Israeli unlawful siege, described by the head of UNRWA in Gaza as illegal, inhumane and counterproductive.

Photographic print on Hahnemühle Photo Rag.

Signed on verso. Price increases as edition sells.

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